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Virgin Mojito is a non-alcoholic refreshing summer drink. The drink doesn’t contain much sugar and that is why it is healthy to drink you can have in summers. This Mojito is also a kid’s friendly with a lot of benefits.

The ingredients we need to make Virgin Mojito is Fresh Mint Leave, Lemon, Soda/sparkling water or Sprite, sugar syrup (if using Soda), and a lot of ice cubes. You can also use Crushed Polo in this mojito, it is totally optional, you can skip it if you want. This Virgin Mojito is also easy to make, you can make it for a party or for any other gatherings. The look and taste of Virgin Mojito are so refreshing, especially in hot summer. Just one sip of the Mojito refreshes your mind.Refreshing-mojito-recipe

In place of Soda or Sparkling water, you can also use Sprite (Readymade beverage). You don’t need sugar syrup if you are using Sprite in the Mojito because it already has a lot of sugar. Believe me or not, you can add anything in it soda, sprite, or sparkling water whatever is currently available in your refrigerator but the main flavor of mint with lemon is incredibly refreshing. These two ingredients are the soul of Virgin Mojito.

I hope you like and try this refreshing Virgin Mojito in hot summer and don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below.

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Virgin Mojito

How to make Virgin Mojito
Total Time10 minutes
Course: Drinks
Servings: 1
Author: Deeksha


  • 1 bottle Sprite (soft drink)
  • 1 Polo Tablet
  • ½ lemon
  • Some fresh mint leaves
  • 1 bowl Ice


  • firstly muddle mint leaves and add in the glass.
  • then add lemon juice in it.
  • Add ice on it and mix it then add crushed polo.
  • Then add Sprite. Add it slowly. You can also add soda in it but along with soda you should add sugar syrup.
  • Refreshing Mojito is now ready to enjoy in hot summer.

How To Make Virgin Mojito (in detail):

  • For making Mojito, these are the ingredients that we will use.Recipe-of-virgin-mojito
  • firstly you have to muddle the fresh mint leaves and add in the glass.Mojito-summer-drink-recipe
  • Then add ½  lemon juice in the glass.Virgin-mocktail-recipe
  • Now, add ice in the glass and add crushed Polo in the glass.mojito-mocktail-recipe
  • Then slowly add sprite in it. You can also add Soda in it but along with Soda, you should add sugar syrup. It is so easy to make, simply dissolve 2-3 tbsp of sugar in the hot water. Sugar Syrup is ready.Sprite-Mojito-recipe
  • Virgin Mojito is now ready to enjoy in the hot summer.Summer-drink-mojito-recipe

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