Gond Ke Ladoo | How to Make Pinni Recipe at Home


Gond Ke Ladoo is a healthy and tasty sweet that is popularly made in winters. This Gond Ke Ladoo is helping to give energy and keeps our body warm from inside during the winter season. Gond Ke Ladoo is made in my house every year during winters and l love Gond Ke Ladoo with a hot cup of milk.

But we called it Pinni instead of Gond Ke Ladoo. Basically, Gond ke Laddu and Pinni are similar things. Gond is an edible gum with a lot of health benefits.gond-ke-ladoo-for-winters

Gond Ke Ladoo is not an instant or easy recipe but it is possible to make it at home. All you need is Desi Ghee, Atta (wheat flour), Gond (edible gum), some dry fruits, and powdered sugar. These are the ingredients we need to make healthy Gond Ke Ladoo or Pinni.

Here I am going to share a detailed recipe of Gond Ke Ladoo. In this recipe, I going to add powdered sugar so you can replace it with Jaggery powder (Shakkar) to make it more healthy but personally, I preferred sugar. You can also add dry coconut, dry dates (Khajoor), ginger powder, or anything you to like to add. It tastes delicious in any form.Tasty-gond-ke-ladoo-recipe

Here is the tasty and healthy recipe of Gond Ke Ladoo. I hope you like and try this healthy ladoo recipe and share your experience in the comment section below.

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Gond Ke Ladoo

How to make tasty and healthy Gond Ke Ladoo
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time35 minutes
Total Time50 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Author: Deeksha


  • 1 kg Desi Ghee
  • 1 kg Wheat Flour (Atta)
  • 100 gm Gond
  • Some Almonds
  • 400 gm Powdered Sugar
  • Some Cashew


  • Firstly add desi ghee in the heavy bottom Kadai.
  • Then fry a Gond in the ghee. When Gond is completely fried then kept aside in the plate.
  • Now fry a dry fruits by adding some ghee.
  • After frying gond and dry fruits, Add more Ghee in the Kadai.
  • Then add wheat flour in the ghee and keep stirring otherwise there is chances of burning flour.
  • When flour is completely roasted then add it in roasted Gond dry fruits plate.
  • Mix it very well, then add powdered sugar in the plate.
  • Again Mix it well and make a Ladoo of the mixture.
  • Gond Ke Ladoo is now ready.

How To Make Gond Ke Ladoo (in detail):

  • Firstly add 3 tbsp of desi ghee in the heavy bottom Kadai.Tasty-gond-ke-ladoo-recipe
  • Then add 100 grams of Gond and fry it until you notice the size of the gond is increased like popcorn that means it’s done. Now kept aside in the plate.Gond-ke-ladoo-recipe

  • Now, it’s time to fry the dry fruits in the same Kadai.healthy-pinni-recipe
  • When both Gond and dry fruits are fried then add more desi ghee in the same Kadai. You can add 4 tbsp or more of Ghee. It totally depends on the quantity of flour (Atta).Gond-ke-ladoo-at-home
  • Add Wheat flour to the Kadai. Continuously stir it on low- medium flame otherwise there are chances of burning the flour.healthy-gond-ke-ladoo-recipe
  • Keep stirring until the flour is completely roasted. You can also add more ghee if the flour has dry textured.edible-gum-sweet-recipe
  • When flour is completely roasted then mix it in the roasted Gond and dry fruits.delicious-gond-ke-ladoo-recipe
  • Mix it very well. Then add powdered sugar to it.homemade-gond-ke-ladoo
  • Then mix it very well.gond-ke-ladoo-tasty-recipe
  • Now make a Ladoo of the mixture.Ladoo-of-edible-gum

  • Gond Ke Ladoo is now ready to enjoy in the chilled winters with a hot cup of tea or milk. I like it with a hot cup of milk.tasty-atta-gond-ladoo-recipe


  • You can add more dry fruits if you want.
  • Make sure you keep stirring the flour while roasting it.
  • You can add Desi Ghee anytime you see dryness in the Atta (flour).
  • You can also add Jaggery Powder instead of Powdered Sugar.
  • Don’t use granulated sugar as it would be hard to mix it and you will not get the smooth texture.



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